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Secure Access

Security Is Our Priority

Megacap Aviation Service Group always provide the best services for cargo freighter. We are provide our service in the top China airport such as Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Chengdu Suangliu International Airport, and many more. Security check up guaranteed by each airports which supported by modern security equipment. Pallet Deck Operation including X-Ray Process, Weight Checking, Building Pallet or AKE, and Trolley Delivery.

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Issuing CBA (Cargo Booking Advisary)

Deliver Excellent Service

As a Cargo GSA Company, Megacap Aviation Service Group also providing CBA which is divides by three steps such as Weight Volume Dimension, Balanced and Weight Limitations, Pallets and Containers.

We can also manage all of the paperwork, for example authorizations, governmental pre-approvals and dangerous goods requirements in a professional and timely manner. We are fanatical about follow up.

Daily Operations

Consistent and Dedication

As a GSA Company, the daily operation is a routine operation in our cargo freight division. These operations including Issuing CBA, Weight Statements and Dead load (including LIR (Load Instruction Report), LDS), AWB and Manifest Document and CPM Long Haul and Short Haul, UCM In and UCM Out, Final CBA, Flight Report, and MTV for Freighter.

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