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Megacap USA is a Los Angeles-based provider of global aviation logistics services including GSSA, CNEE sales, and charter service to the airlines, cargo agents, CNEEs, end-buyers and e-commerce companies.

Megacap Aviation Service (USA) INC. focuses on several services:

  • General Sales & Service Agent (GSSA)

TRX Global Logistics USA offers General Sales & Service Agent (GSSA) service including Freight Sales, and other sales services for airlines. The Company implements targeted sales using market analysis and local expertise. TRX Global Logistics USA leverages its expert knowledge of the local market in offering the services to clients. 

  • Re-forwarding Sales

It also offers consignee service to end-users like manufacturers in Latin America. The Company focuses on marketing the service to the buyer side as it has higher bargaining power with the buyer than with the shipper.

  • Charter Flight Service

The Company charters the flight from an airline to ship e-commerce cargo between two countries. A charter-flight brokering service is provided to trading companies, for example, in China, that are transporting perishable products to Chile and Brazil or from Chile to China. The service is non-scheduled and operates primarily during the high season (October to December). The Company pays a charter price to the airlines and generates commission revenues from the sales of trading companies in China and Latin America.