Enterprise Service

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We Proud To Serve Better

Megacap Aviation Service Group provides all facets of enterprise services to you, such as registration, recruitment, training and financial consulting services such as:

  1. Airlines Business Registration.

  2. Airlines Tax Affairs Registration, Airlines Principal Registration, Airlines Bank Accounts Creation.

  3. Operation License and Certification Application and Implementation.

  4. Recruitment and Human Resource Administration, Passenger and Cargo Knowledge Training.

  5. Financial Consulting and Operation Services.

  6. Crew Service, Transportation Service, and Hotel Reservation.

How about the food? You can ask Megacap Aviation Service for

Catering Service!

Megacap Aviation Services provide catering services around China mainland. These include commercial airlines and cargo airlines.

We offer competitive prices, outstanding service and a vast variety of food and beverages to satisfy all of your in-flight needs and of course we understand diversity of taste based on your requirement.

Megacap Aviation Service guarantees the best quality catering service everyday and anytime:

  • Delivering on time.

  • We are guarantee the safety of the food.

  • World class hygienic food handling standards.

  • Multiple variety to meet your exact requirements.

We will provide you with our best food service on board, making your flight even more pleasant.