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Megacap Aviation Service always providing Professional Team, Professional Services, and Strong Connection to serve our clients. Since 2007, Megacap Aviation Service has been rapidly growth especially in sales of Passenger Ticketing and Freight Service. Megacap Aviation Service recorded profit for every financial year since its establishment in 2007 which mean our company always consistent and has a good drive about achieving a target. As an airline representative, we also consider the important of expanding Market Share, Increasing of Load Factors, Increasing Passenger Contribution, and the number of BSP Sales. Besides representing the airline on all China sales & marketing activities, Megacap Aviation Service is also providing administration, accounting and finance services to the airline and assisting our clients in the setting up of a Regional Office.

We are understand about the procedures that our clients need such as CAAC Permit, Coordinate with local airport and the bureaus, such as CIQ / Customs / Immigration, etc; and also Assigned experienced staff as the station manager to  handling charter flights at the airport (for Charter Service). 

Our unique strength and professionalism that blends with sales optimization, airport operations and call center services, marketing and market research, long-term cooperation with Chinese aviation authorities, provides our clients a fully range of neutral outsource aviation solutions. Megacap Aviation Service represents airlines as GSSA in China. Our proficient management team and skillful staffs are specialized in communication and coordination. Megacap Aviation Service listens to customers’ requirement and strives to meet their needs through unified localized custom services. We are capable to actively explore local market for the customers, realize the incremental value and the best solutions.

Our offices spread out around China Mainland such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Chongqing, Xi'an, Zhengzhou, Hong Kong. We also have Japan, Korea, Taiwan as associate partner offices. Aviation Service Some of our client's offices located at Premium Location which people can easily find and get access to those offices. 

Megacap Aviation Service also specializes in administration issues with Chinese Aviation related authorities. We are focus on optimizing sales results, airport operation and call center service, marketing and market research. We also maintaining excellent relationship with CAAC and relevant authorities. We always exceed expectations of our principals.